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Wedding Photographer Gold Coast

wedding photographer couple gold coast
Im Isaac, Rawn and Pallow’s head Wedding photographer Gold Coast.
I’ve always liked photography, but never grew up dreaming of taking photos. I didn’t go to any art school or study to be a photographer. Instead, I just bought a camera, the fire was ignited and here I am. Personally, being self taught has made me more passionate and proactive. With an obsession for every shoot to be better than my last I have jumped in head first and haven’t looked back. Buying my first camera in 2014 I discovered a medium to be able to express myself and connect with people through the magic of photographs. Photography sparked a passion and drive within and I am so grateful to do this as my ‘job’ everyday and can honestly say I love what I do.
I’ve always watched and observed. As an introvert I’ve never gone searching for the spotlight but have felt more comfortable sitting back and watching things unfold around me. This has reinforced to me just how important it is that people are comfortable before they can be themselves. Building trust and rapport is the foundation of all my shoots. Once we know who each other is, that’s when the stranger with the camera disappears and the real photos begin.
By getting to know you better we will be able to take Wedding photographs that better represent you as a couple. And that sums up my approach to photography. Photography that is  unobtrusive, creative and honest.
So who am I and what makes me tick?
* I love video games but never have time to play them
* I am from NZ and have been living on the Gold Coast for 10 years.
* I lead a healthy and fit lifestyle but wont say no to a cold beer, or vodka, or cocktail.
* I am a father of a beautiful little girl Halo.
* I live by the mantra ‘work hard and be nice’
* I have a phobia of skulls
* I love footy (rugby and league) – my partner thinks i’m ‘obsessed’
* I’m a deep thinker and avid reader
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