1) Not Grasping the True Value of Professional Photography

Far too often, we see couples that fail to realise the true significance of professional wedding photography. As the curtain falls on your momentous day, the wedding cake will have been consumed and the site of your wedding will have been cleared. All that remains are fading memories. Through professional photography, the intangible becomes tangible. And, in an age of digital cameras, your photos won’t simply be confined to your mantelpiece. You’ll take ownership of a glorious high resolution digital album with which you can send your favourite photos to loved ones for them to cherish as you do.

Brides do everything in their power to plan and organise the ultimate wedding, but in their pursuit of perfection, the professional wedding photography is still often overlooked. Don’t make this same mistake as many couples do, seek out a professional photographer and ensure that those precious moments from your magical day are captured forever.

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2) Leaving It Until the Eleventh Hour

The next trap that must be avoided is an eleventh hour booking. Some couples allocate an appropriate budget for their wedding photography, decide on their preferred wedding photographer but make the mistake of thinking that they can make a late booking and still capture their first choice cameraman. Typically, this only results in heartache when the couple discovers that the photographer is completely booked out.

As a rule, the moment you receive confirmation of your wedding date at your chosen venue, is the moment that you should be getting in touch with your photographer. Many photographers will accept bookings up to 12 months or more in advance, so be sure to get in as early as you can and avoid missing out.

3) Compiling an Unnecessary Photo Checklist

When deciding on a particular wedding photographer, you select them based on a number reasons:

  • You may have received a strong endorsement from a friend or family member who had used them previously and recommended them to you
  • The style of photos that they have on their website may have been just what you were after
  • Their pricing may have been within your budget

Regardless of the reasons you’ve chosen them, you’re certain that they can be trusted to provide you with the immaculate set of photos that you desire. If there are a number of specific shots that you wish your photographer to take, then by all means notify them. But beyond this, don’t seek to compile an exhaustive list of every single shot that you wish to have taken. Trust in their boundless creativity, experience and expertise to deliver you something truly spectacular.

4) Sir, I’d Like You to Empty Your Pockets

Whether it be the groom, best men or anyone else who happens to have pockets, always ensure that your pockets are empty during the ceremony and when photos are being taken. The last thing you want is for your beautiful photos to be marred by a jutting phone, wallet or a set of keys. Whilst we can all agree that every one of these items is indispensable, you can afford to do without them for the duration of the ceremony, at least. Have them kept in a secure place, collect them later and revel in the festivities of this wondrous occasion.

5) Allowing Guests to Use Their Phones During the Ceremony

There’s an entire article written about the virtues of having an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony. That is, a wedding that is free from the tyranny of smartphones, digital cameras and other gadgets that can lay waste to your professional wedding photos. This is most burdensome when your photographer is taking shots of the wedding couple while in view of the guests, such as walking down the aisle and exchanging vows.

In these moments, your guests will be inclined to take their own photos as well – unless they are kindly asked not to, prior to the wedding. There are a number of ways in which you can still allow them to take photos while ensuring that your wedding photographer is able to take the remarkable shots he or she needs, without being disrupted. Once again, please consult the article link above for more information.

These are just several mistakes that wedding couples tend to make by accident when it comes to wedding photography.