Wedding planning is big deal and effectively, as well as efficiently planning a wedding has become somewhat of an art form! This is because of the myriad possibilities of failure that come with planning a wedding. There’s a lot to consider but get a head start with a few of our do’s and don’ts to help plan and execute your wedding successfully.


Don’t: Feel like you have to stick to traditional wedding customs or current trends.

If you start to become overwhelmed trying to fit in all the traditions and details of a typical wedding, remember that this is your wedding, your special day and no one else’s. At the end of the day, you can and should do whatever makes you happy. If you do deviate from the norm it instantly becomes so much more personal to you both and unique for your guests. Inject you and your fiancé’s personalities into every element of your big day and own your wedding.

Do: Go unplugged for your ceremony.

Encouraging your guests to put down their devices can be a sensitive dance but if communicated in the correct way your guests should be able to respect your request. Their are plenty of signs you can print or purchase or have your celebrant say something before the ceremony commences. On such a special day you want your guests to be fully present at your ceremony so go unplugged.

Don’t: Hire a friend or family member as your wedding photographer

As much as it will save you money or make you feel comfortable having a friend take your photos you should really hire a professional photographer for such a special occasion. Professionals are bound by a legal contract so they are guaranteed to show up and cover everything they need to on your day, where as a friend can tend to be a bit casual because they don’t have that ‘professional’ relationship with you.

Pro’s have also seen the worst and are prepared for it. They have backup cameras, batteries, lights, etc and have spent hundreds of hours honing their craft specifically doing weddings. At the end of the day you will only have your memories and your photos, so take our word for it and hire a quality, professional wedding photographer.

Do: Stick to your budget

Budgets are created for a reason. I know it’s a special day and you can get swept up in the moment, but it’s no excuse to blow all your savings. Sit down with your fiancee and decide what is important to you. Decide where you can put some extra money into or where you have to compromise. You don’t want the added financial stress of going over your budget so plan well, prioritise whats important and stick to it.

Don’t: Don’t put all of your big moments back-to-back

You want to spread your big moments out so your guests don’t experience all those exciting moments at once.  You want to keep the energy up. Sprinkle the dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss and other moments out so the night is full of excitement right until the end

Do: Visit your guests during your reception

It is a great display of appreciation and respect when the bride and groom spend a few moments visiting their guests at each table.

Don’t: Include registry information on your invites.

Your invitation lets your guests know how much you appreciate them and want them to share your wedding day with you. There should not be any mention of an expectation for a gift. Keep the focus on your guests rather than the gifts and spread the registry details through word of mouth. Tell your wedding party, parents and close friends where you are registered, and let them fill guests in.

Don’t: Pick a spot that’s extremely far away from your reception.

Keeping your ceremony close to or around your reception venue will simplify your planning and cut down on logistics. You will likely have less time for your bridal photos as you will have to factor in travel. By booking a ceremony venue that’s nearby to your reception you’ll have more time for things like photos and mingling with your guests at cocktail hour.

If you’re set on your ceremony venue or have already booked somewhere far from the reception, consider providing transportation for your wedding guests. It’s the courteous thing to do. Book a bus and you can supply some drinks and snacks to entertain them during the ride.