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5 Reasons you DON’T want me as your Wedding photographer!


I’m sorry guys, but if your into laughing and having fun it just “ain’t gonna work”. Photos look so much better when you hide your emotions and besides it takes a lot of energy trying to cue peoples reactions. I’m the professional here so let me aim my camera at you and dial back that smile.



Why all the questions? This isn’t an exam, it’s a Wedding. Who needs these pesky questionnaires and meetings. If your stressing about covering the ‘details’ then you’ve lost me already. I planned on rocking up to your Wedding and freestyling. “I’m an artist” man, trust me. Want organisation?… next.



I live by the mantra “whatever it takes for the shot”. This may mean standing directly in front of you during the ceremony or  I may need to take a thousand photos with my flash on machine gun mode. “WHATEVER IT TAKES”. If you’re looking for somebody polite and unobtrusive… sorry, i’m not your guy.



What makes me stand out from all the other wedding photographers out there? Is it my experience? Is it my customer service? My personality?… NO, It’s that I have an expensive camera. It’s a fact. Better cameras take better photos. At the end of the day you are just wanting amazing photos right? Well if I take thousands of photos with an expensive camera then odds are you’re going to come out with some good ones. Do the math. Let’s bypass the formalities, if your wanting some level of service besides just taking photos, i’m sorry I can’t help you.



6 weeks for delivery? Woaaah, I do have a life. Expect your photos in about 12 weeks and don’t expect one of those fancy wooden boxes either. I’m running a business here not a charity. Photos look best and are cherished more when they are on a USB. You know, all those times the family sits around the computer looking over your photos. Wall art is obsolete. Frames are lame. If your going to spend thousands of dollars on a photographer why waste any more on putting your photos on the wall. Thats why I don’t encourage albums or prints. Lets save us both the hassle and stick to digitals.


So if you don’t want to use me as your Wedding Photographer then don’t be in touch.

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