Chances are that you are only going to be selecting a wedding celebrant once, which is why it is necessary that you and the celebrant, who you are asking to arrange and officiate the wedding, are on the same page when it comes to the celebrations.

To that end, following are some of the things you should look for in a wedding celebrant for your special day.

1)   Confident and Calm under Pressure

A wedding celebrant may have to speak in front of a dozen people, or a thousand, depending on the size of the wedding. Arrangements can often go awry and it can often be up to the celebrant to maintain order. This requires a wedding celebrant who is calm under pressure and reassuringly confident, in order to keep the general mood pleasant and always upbeat.

2)   Communication and Social Skills

This goes without saying – a wedding celebrant has to be the most communicative person in the event! They have to dictate the ceremony, coordinate with the photographer/videographer and manage the guests to some extent during the most important part of the wedding. More than that though, they have to make sure the ceremony flows according to the vision of the couple, whilst reassuring and navigating them through what is usually very nerve racking moment for them. This in itself requires a genuineness and ability to ad-lib as the ceremony unfolds

3)   Versatility and Uniqueness

A good wedding celebrant is one who has a creative versatility that helps them bring the ideal ceremony to life, while at the same time making it as unique and personal as possible for the marrying couple. Everyone’s personal taste is different, and ideally you would want a wedding celebrant to not only understand it, but expand on it to create a masterpiece of a wedding.

4)   A Moving and Engaging Personality

Wedding celebrants need to have a personality that not only enhances the magical, joyous aura surrounding the altar, but it makes the entire ceremony an auspicious one. Choice and delivery of words, tone of voice and unfaltering confidence are all important equally.

More than anything, though, it is important to hire a wedding celebrant who understands your specific vision. It is after all, your day, and such a day is best celebrated your way!