When you’re in the planning phase of your wedding, there’s a whole myriad of different items, events and options that you have to consider and set aside funds for. The sheer number of things can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to decide where to begin, yet when you are planning your wedding there are a few areas that should be focused on first.

Why Wedding Photography Should Be a First Concern

The most essential element of all weddings is of course the bride and the groom. When you’re in the process of arranging everything with your bridal shop, venue designers, catering companies and countless other contacts, you’ll no doubt be hearing constantly about how crucial it is that everything is completed to perfection in anticipation of your special day. Whilst these are all significant aspects of the wedding that need tending to, are these in fact any more valuable than wedding photography?

Many couples will often say that their budget is already exhausted and can only afford to spend a modest amount on their photography. Others struggle to find a suitable photographer they like, as they realise they’ve spent far too long deliberating and cannot obtain one so close to the wedding date. Others still will go without a professional wedding photographer altogether, citing lack of fund. Clearly, in all of the above cases, not enough emphasis has been placed on photography during the planning phase.

Why Is Wedding Photography So Vital?

Does wedding photography rank as the single most important part of your wedding? No, but during the preparation phase, it should be one of the first things on your checklist to focus your attention on and arrange a booking for.

Wedding photography gives everlasting life to those special memories, while telling a marvellous tale. Your tale. A tale that you will hopefully cherish to your dying days. Plus, in the digital age we live in, your gorgeous photos can be quickly distributed to everyone that matters to you, so that they too can retain a copy of that wonderful day.

Why Wedding Photography Is Sometimes Given Less Priority

When it comes to wedding celebrations, presentation is everything. Everything in the planning stage is done with the ultimate goal of ensuring that every facet of your wedding looks amazing on the day. Whether it be the extravagant flower arrangements from your selected florist, a sumptuous wedding cake design, a glorious venue for the reception and so on, the chief purpose is to impress. With each of the above, you have something tangible that is going to contribute to the splendour and success of your wedding day.

With wedding photography on the other hand, you don’t receive anything that is going to enhance the occasion itself. You don’t reap the benefits until after the wedding has concluded. On the day, it is after all the responsibility of a professional photographer to capture the best photos while remaining as inconspicuous as possible. It is for this reason that some couples may give less priority to wedding photography than it deserves.

So What Does Wedding Photography Give You?

As human beings, we love nothing more than to have the many wonderful moments of our lives captured on camera. From the mundane to the magnificent, each photo provides a source of incomparable joy which can be savoured for generations and by generations. Your wedding photographer will capture all of the wonder and excitement of your memorable day and leave you with a collection of indelible keepsakes that you will treasure forever.

Key Points to Remember

Don’t skimp on your wedding photography budget – your friends and family won’t detect if you’ve managed to spend a fraction less on your flowers or a smidgeon less on your already lavish food and beverage supplies. They also won’t recognise if your deluxe wedding cake contains only 9 layers instead of 10. By sensibly saving a little here and there on the countless number of wedding expenses, you’ll be able to ensure that you won’t to skimp on your wedding photography budget.

Choose a photographic style that resonates with you – photography is an art form and photographers themselves are artists. As with all artists, each photographer will possess their own unique style. Be sure to browse as much of their work as possible to gain a good understanding of how they shoot and what you can expect to receive from your own wedding photos.

Don’t leave it until the last minute – time and time again we get calls from couples who wish to arrange a booking just prior to the date of the actual wedding. It’s unrealistic to expect that you can secure an in-demand photographer on such short notice. Avoid the disappointment and book your photographer well in advance. Many photographers will take bookings well over a year in advance.

Final Words

Couples devote an endless number of hours to the planning of their historic wedding day and that’s all it is after all, a single day. There are no second chances for getting it right and guaranteeing a stellar day from start to finish. Be sure to capture the true essence of your special occasion and have the many magical moments recorded by the ingenuity of a professional wedding photographer.

Remember to do your homework by browsing as many photographer portfolios as you can to get a good idea of the style of work they produce. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it until the last minute, begin your search for a photographer the moment your wedding date has been confirmed and book them as soon as you’ve made up your mind.