1) Photography is an art form that requires more than just a good camera

Anyone can use a camera to take photos with, but only a professional photographer can capture the true essence of a grand occasion such as a wedding ceremony and all the intricate moments that comprise it. Suppose you were about to have the house of your dreams built for you and your loved one, would you enlist the services of an unqualified apprentice to oversee its construction, or would you instead employ a reputable home builder who could be trusted to deliver the standard of care and craftsmanship deserving of such an important undertaking? The answer is obvious and it should be no different when it comes to deciding on a wedding photographer.

It’s essential that you have someone who is capable of capturing remarkable photos in all lighting and weather conditions and who can create compelling shots that are both flawless and imaginative. This spontaneous creativity and sublime execution doesn’t come from the camera itself, it comes from the countless hours that a professional photographer devotes to their craft. The end result of this endless toil isn’t just a handful of quality photos for you to cherish and hold on to, but an entire album of magical photos.

2) A professional wedding photographer makes it easier for you

An experienced wedding photographer is familiar with all the intricacies of the ceremony, meaning that they understand when and where they need to be at the precise times to take the best shots. They’re unobtrusive and efficient. They’re also aware of the sequence of the events, allowing them to be perfectly positioned to capture all those wonderfully intimate photos of the newlyweds.

Unlike an ordinary photoshoot, a photographer doesn’t have the luxury of being able to have everything set up exactly as they want in order to achieve the desired shot at a wedding, they must instead be in the right place at the right moment. The photographer must adjust to the frantic schedule of the wedding ceremony, not the other way around.

3) It’s more enjoyable and less stressful for you

A wedding has both still shots that require the celebrants and guests to pose for photos and also action shots. When posing for your photos, it’s important that you are able to feel calm and relaxed, not tense and uptight. A professional wedding photographer understands this and they know how to get you feeling confident and fabulous in front of the camera, ensuring beautiful photos that capture your natural emotions, rather than your nerves. Your photos should be an enjoyable part of an exciting day and a good photographer will always help guarantee this.

4) There is always a backup plan

Hiring a professional wedding photographer will assure you of spectacular photos, but what if the unthinkable were to somehow happen? Suppose your world famous, globetrotting photographer were to suffer an accident that prevented them from making it to your wedding, or their computer were to fall victim to a cataclysmic hardware malfunction that destroyed all your photos!? A professional wedding photographer will always have a backup plan in place.

In the (unlikeliest) event that your photographer isn’t able to make it due to sickness or injury, they will have trusted colleagues to call upon to take their place. Even in this day and age where computer technology is more reliable than past generations, hardware failure is still a real risk and any professional photographer worth their salt will make multiple backups of their work onto multiple hard different media formats (hard drives, portable hard drives, high capacity USB sticks and so on).

A professional photographer would fully understand the devastating consequences that such a catastrophe would have on their reputation if something like this were to go wrong for a client and they would do everything in their power to prevent this from ever happening.

5) It’s a unique experience that will never be repeated

Whether it’s your first wedding or your twenty first wedding, this particular wedding day will never be repeated. You only have a single opportunity to get it right. When the day is done, your photos are the only tangible reminders of that momentous occasion. Photos that you will hopefully cherish for the rest of your life. Ensure that you have a set of mementos that will help you relive the joy and happiness that you felt on that day, for as long as you live by hiring a professional wedding photographer.