Isaac is our lead photographer and will ease any stress away with his chilled demeanour and it’s all good attitude. He loves a good laugh and hanging with his family and friends. He has a skill for making connections and capturing the true personality of his couples. With his dry humour and relaxed approach Isaac will be a friend by the end of the day.


Ash is one of our superstar photographers. She is an Irish bundle of energy and is literally loved by everyone she meets. She loves travelling, laughing and looking after her son Oison with her wife Amber. She has a passion for people and a creative eye to capture them. On your special day you’ll find her everywhere.


Hayley is a vibe and a true creative. She loves acting, music and art and will float through your day like a ninja capturing moments you didn’t even know happened. She loves to spend time with her husband and senior blind dog named Molly. Loves slow mornings, reading in quiet cafes, and misty days on mountain tops.